Brooks Women's Levitate 2

  • $ 150.00

With the second generation of the Brooks Levitate, Brooks has taken what they've learned from the first generation of Levitates and made a big upper change that changes the fit a little bit but not the overall feel of the shoe. Overall, Levitate fans should like the update and it should continue to win new fans with its new mesh upper and responsive yet soft midsole.

The Levitate 2 follows the same formula as the original Levitate - a full AMP DNA midsole wrapped by TPU designed to provide a responsive, fast ride in a standard-weight neutral trainer. While the original Levitate had a traditional upper, the big change for the Levitate 2 is the change to a much more flexible sock-like knit upper. The fit and feel of the shoe is similar, but there are some slight changes:

Brook Levitate 2 vs Levitate:

  • The only big change with the 2 is that Brooks has redesigned the upper to provide a sock-like knit fit
  • No significant changes to the midsole or outsole - the ride is almost identical in terms of softness/responsiveness
  • You might experience a little less room in the upper due to the knit upper - it provides plenty of flex, but wraps pretty snugly around your foot throughout the shoe
  • Stability remains unchanged

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Get back the effort you put in with your updated Women's Brooks Levitate 2 running shoes. Hey, there's no free rides, but with the lively DNA AMP cushion you can come close thanks to the most energy return of leading running shoes. Boldly move forward from heel to toe quickly without losing energy thanks to the flexible outsole arrow-point pattern. Rise above in your Levitate 2 with the Fit Knit upper holding smoothly and the inside bootie maximizing your comfort.

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