A Healthier U With Carissa Galloway and Jeff Galloway

A Healthier U With Carissa Galloway and Jeff Galloway

  • $ 35.00

A 6-week individualized distance running nutrition consultation/information series- led by Registered Dietitian Carissa Galloway!

Start the new year with A Healthier yoU.

What positive changes are you looking to make in 2022? One of the most popular resolutions each January is an improved diet and weight loss, but fad diets don't work!  Stop dieting and join Healthier U Nutrition- Created by Registered Dietitian Carissa Galloway, this is our exclusive six week education based weight loss program.  We'll give you tools and information to help you stop dieting and develop a life long healthy relationship with food. Included in the program are cognitive weight loss strategies, education and activities delivered via email.  These are designed to help you understand your personal caloric needs and how to fuel your body for daily life and your active lifestyle and still lose weight!  You also get to attend 2 hour-long live nutrition seminars via Zoom presented by a Registered Dietitian and 3 Healthier U exclusive question and answer sessions also led by a Registered Dietitian.  These will allow you to access an RD to answer your personal questions and help your healthier 2022 become a lifelong success! 

Get all of the tools you need to set up your 2022 fitness and nutrition!

  • Individual seminars $35
Dates for seminars are: 
  • January 22nd 12pm est  -- Nutrition for Weight Loss - Is weight loss as simple as calories in and calories out? What diets work and which one could actually make weight loss harder? This class provides education to empower your weightloss journey and to stop crash dieting and develop healthy habits for life. - Recording access will be available soon!
  • January 29th 12pm est -- Building a Better Diet -  What is the world's best diet?  What foods can help you live longer and increase energy?  This class gives you the tools to build your diet around foods that will improve your health and...you might look forward to eating!  To put it simply, you'll learn how to have better overall health through nutrition for you and your whole family. 
Dates for chats are:  January 10th at 7pm, January  28th, February 7th at 7pm
(All times ET)