Brooks Men's Launch 7

  • $ 100.00

The new Launch 7 - Brooks' lightweight neutral trainer only receives an upper update. No real difference in the feel of the shoe, with the midsole, sock liner, outsole, lacing system... everything but the upper... the same as the 6. It's an interesting study in shoe design and evolution. We often have customers (and we ourselves) wonder why shoe companies change the design of shoes from year to year, often alienating runners along the way. The Launch is a rare shoe which has stayed remarkably similar over almost its entire lifespan, and while it has a dedicated following of runners, it is starting to show how much the industry has changed in the past few years. While is has been a standard-bearer of the trainer/racer combo category for years, the technology that other brands have developed really puts the Launch (and Brooks' lack of innovation/dedication to maintaining the same feel) into perspective.

Brooks Launch 7 vs 6!

  • No change to the outsole
  • No change to the midsole
  • The upper has been very slightly updated, but there's really not much change to the fe