Galloway Training Custom Sporthooks

  • $ 68.99

Display your medals proudly! We're excited to have a partnership with Sporthooks who have created these special Jeff Galloway Training Sporthooks. With 5 or 10 hooks to hang medals, keys, hats, or whatever else you can think of!

SportHooks medal displays was founded in 2005 by an avid marathon runner, and today, we are the original sports hook and race medal hanger! From the heart of Waco, Texas, SportHooks is committed to growing a family-owned and operated business that stands the test of time, yet remains true to its roots. At SportHooks, we take pride in our company culture and the lives we touch with each of our medal displays. Each of our new products is hand selected by the original founder, Marcey Futris, to ensure the perfect blend of practicality, quality, and uniqueness designed to suit our clients’ personalities and interests. Our staff is driven and passionate about providing a personal touch, whether it involves medal display design input or getting to know our customers and their personal stories. These are the fundamentals that make the SportHook not just a product, but an experience.