BFF Miracle BodyBuffer Jeff Galloway Edition

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With a rotating triple-dense layer foam disc that rotates & vibrates intensely, THE BFF does all the work for you - and it feels like relief & pleasure - not pain & agony!

The intensive vibration desensitizes the soft tissue so you can go deeper into taught fascia & muscles with less pain. Foam rolling can be agonizing and time-consuming. The BFF is an athlete's best friend, because it saves you tons of time, is super fun, and makes your body feel AMAZING (plus you can sip a cup of coffee while rolling!)

I take this hand-held vibrating device with me on my travels and have experienced more effective muscle recovery.  The vibrating effect feels good on the muscles during and after a treatment.  Even a 5 minute session is beneficial as a warmup or recovery treatment.  It’s like having a massage therapist with me whenever I need some quick muscle work.   I recently ran two marathons in 13 days and had several 5-10 minute treatments during the 6 hours after the marathon.  I ran the next day and felt great on all runs all week.
Jeff Galloway




Single Speed Turbo

12 ft. Electrical Cord!

All components of this device are UL listed.
- Model: BFF
- Power: 0.4 amp
- Bpm: 3300 (buffs per minute)
- Voltage: 120v~60hz
- Pad size: 6”